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Top 15 Part Time Jobs in New York City

In this time of inflation, people want to earn as much money they can and part time jobs are the answer to their dream. But, with so many available options it is hard for the people to make a right choice for their part time job. However, it depends on the choice, interest and skills of a particular person that which job is suitable for him. Depending on these factors, the best job for someone cannot be even good for another.

So, for choosing a right part time job for yourself, first of all you need to know your interest and skills. You should also consider that from where you should start and how much time you want to give to your particular job i.e. whether you want to work as a permanent part-time worker or you just want a flexible part-time schedule. Then only you will be able to find a right job for you.

However, here we are going to provide you the list of top part time jobs in NYC from which you can choose the one of your interest.

1. Makeup artist

As you must be aware of the role of a makeup artist, they are highly in demand everywhere. Various fields where you can work as a makeup artist are theatres, amusement parks, broadcast studios and even you can work in a boutique and a department store. It depends on the industry in which you are going that whether you require a diploma, degree or simply training in this field. Hourly wage range in this profession is $14.70 to $23.50.

2. Dance teacher

Though the instructors in this field work with large or small groups, teaching dance also demands working one-on-one with the students. Depending on the requirements, you may need to teach a particular dance technique or several dance techniques to the students. Settings for this profession vary among classrooms, studios, dance halls, resorts, restaurants and more. A dance teacher can earn up $15.30- $24.50 per hour.

3. English teacher for non-native speakers

English teachers can earn $18.10 to $30.50 per hour. As learning foreign language is difficult for many of the students, an English teacher should be capable enough to motivate the students and keep them inspired for learning English. Teacher should also have some patience for handling the students who find it hard to learn English.

4. Yoga instructor

Depending on the requirements, a yoga instructor may need to work with the individuals and with the groups too. However, for new learners, a yoga teacher needs to pay one-on-one attention. Before you begin working as a yoga practitioner, you need to have some experience and certification in the field. The hourly wages of a yoga practitioner range from $20.20 to $39.90.

5. Senior care

This profession demands working in senior care facility, home care etc. and the care taker should also have interest in working with the senior people. Care taker should have some experience for working in this profession.

6. Child care

There are number of things that come under child care like helping the kids in studies before they actually start going to school, helping the kids in school studies, finding a babysitting job and many more. This job has a wide scope as children always need care.

7. Web designer

The hourly income of a web designer ranges from $20 to $150. Earnings in this profession are highest among all part time jobs in NYC. And for coming in this profession you need great web design skills. As the online business is growing, the scope of web designing is also increasing. However, for becoming a part times web designer, you also need a great portfolio.

8. Health care

This field is further divided into many sub parts which include nursing, pharmaceutical sales, sales of medical equipment and more. By selecting any of these options, you can choose to work in a doctor’s clinic, in a hospital, as a retailer and more.

9. Freelancing

There are many fields in freelancing which you can choose according to your expertise. It is best for those who want to convert their interest into profession. Also, freelancing gives you the flexibility of working hours.

10. Pet services

This is best job for the people who love pets. Along with caring their own pets, they can choose to take care of others’ pets too and can earn money. Options are of becoming a pet sitter, a pet groomer or a pet walker. What’s more you don’t require professional licensing for becoming a pet sitter; only you require is knowledge about the pets’ behaviour.

11. Personal Assistant

Being personal assistant will let you do a variety of tasks for the person you are working. One day you can be doing the paper work and the next, you would be organising the office. The hourly income of a personal assistant is $20 to $45.

12. Call Center Representative

In the case you are not available on the day hours and are free only in the evenings and weekends; you can choose this option. This is a simple job but many people don’t do it only because of the hours they would need to work.

13. Flight Attendant

Although many people refer to them as waiters and waitresses, but the primary job of a flight attendant is ensuring the safety of the passengers and reminding them the do’s and don’ts during flight. Their hourly income ranges is $26- $34.80.

14. School bus driver

Hourly income of bus drivers ranges from $12.40 to $29.50. It is also one of the famous part time jobs in NYC. Part time school bus drivers can work in the early morning shift (after 6am) and in the afternoon shift. Various challenges that come in this profession are weather conditions, traffic, and uncontrollable children. And for pursuing this profession, a person requires commercial driver’s license.

15. Special event worker

The hourly income in this profession varies from $12 to $15 and the requirements depend on the type of event for which the person is going to work. Various events that come under this category are organizing concerts, handling customers in the festive season at different shops, hotel banquets and more.

Top 50 New York Job Resources

Are you looking for more resources for your job search? We have put together a list of some helpful websites that you can use. Do you know of a useful New York based job resource that we should add to this list? Just send us an email and we will check it out.

  • New York State Job Search
    "An integrated suite of national web sites that help businesses, job seekers, students, and workforce professionals find employment and career resources." (Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.)
  • Workers with Disabilities Program
    New York Governor's program to hire people with disabilities and veterans with disabilities to place individuals in state jobs
  • Career Mobility Office
    New York State resource for job seekers that helps develop a career plan, develop a resume, and prepare for job interviews
  • HRAcademy
    HRAcademy provides training tools and workshops, held both online and in classrooms, to current and future human resource professionals in New York
  • Nursing Positions
    Search for nursing positions in New York State
  • Professional Certification/Licensing Resource
    A list of resources for specific certifications and licenses that can be obtained in the State of New York, as well as examinations and salaries

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